July 25 2016

58 days till Autumn and the heat just won’t quit – the temps have been consistently over 90 for most of the summer getting so tired of it so ready for the cooler temps – planted a garden this year it was pretty much a bust from the get go — had to plant stuff late due to the cold weather , then planted less  then we got plenty of rain and too high temps and we had night time visitors that took most of it,  not a good year for me  I Can’t handle high temps I just can’t =—- so like I stated I have the count down for autumn going already – the season in spite of the heat has had some good things happen in it – there are 3 humming birds at my feeder now and I got 2 bird baths set up in the yard one in each yard –  so that is good  now if the birds would just get in it — lol – the dog was in the fenced in side yard watching me the whole time I was setting it up – then we came in – she laid out on the bed in the spare room and barked at the cherub shaking my head at her — so i took her out to where it was and walked her around it she ignored it — brought her back in and then in the dark of the night she growling again — sigh —  oh well — waiting for the temps to go down some so i can get the fire pit going again — maybe before august is completely gone we will get close to the 60’s at least get a break from the humid-ness I have a new bike i can’t ride it due to the weather — come on autumn I can’t wait .

March 28,2016

Winter is over and Spring is here for the year 2016, been  almost defeated by allergies and sinus infections, the past couple of months ,  We did not get enough cold temps or snow to help cur-tell the bugs and weeds that have stated up way too early – oh well ,  I have been busy reading books making stews bread, soups got real good at making Challah bread over the winter, got to be a staple on my table with the soups and roasted chicken on Friday nights – Never knew it was so simple wish I had known years ago my mother in law would have been so proud of me for it – I hope where ever she is she is smiling due to my efforts of cooking – 😉   The 4 footed beasty I lovingly call baby girl  (my Dakota moon ) has decided the the temps have warmed enough for her to be out more and liking it –  specially at night – compared to the 20s of the winter – Ahh  the spring, and summer what a glorious time,  It won’t be much longer it will be warm enough for me and clear enough pollen wise for me to be out and on my much loved deck, can’t wait to eat breakfast out there and enjoy the weekend paper – It will happen I know it.    Pitchers of water with lemon slices, and fresh orange floating in it, fresh ice – things I enjoy more walks, digging in dirt, planting pretties and food,   Yes these are things I enjoy.

March Spring has come

been a long winter for me — i have been ill since the fall — Due to circumstances beyond my control I have been unable to get to the Docs ====  one was insurance — got that solved — then there was the weather—- got that solved just by the turning of the wheel  then i fell and hurt my wrist and was warped up for a  while then sore for a long while — still a little stingy with it when i move it just so so it still hurts – I have been reading allot did get the garden started so that is good — then had to cover EVERYTHING UP cause of a hard freeze last night — got my Y membership updated just need to get out there lol my daffodils are up the pollen is flying and my eyes burn and i feel tired all the time because of it – So glad i can see my allergist tomorrow yippee

Still in the planning stages of what to do in the garden — but i am still working on it  🙂 we are still early – so it is ok

Happy New Year January 2015

here we go again — going to try and keep up with this —- today is the 5th so my goal of getting my writing started before the first week was out is good — also made it out to get the dog walked Said the word Harness and she jumped up and headed for the kitchen she is a very smart dog; she has figured out that if she brings the shoe to us she goes out she also has learned where the biscuits are and goes into  where they are kept  nudges the container then barks to get it  love my Dakota Moon — As for me ? going back to the Y and going to join a poetry group yeah me  more on that  later –  Also got a new book for Yule – Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell  by Susanna Clarke  ******** The Winter Ghosts  by Kate Moss I know I know there will be a lot more before the year is out but for now those 2 – If I could figure out how to get away from the tv I could read a lot more –  I know I know turn off the cable and remove the batteries from the remote on the top of it all it does sound simple  but I keep telling myself there are only 3 shows I watch a week –  Downton Abbey, Scandal, How to Get Away With Murder – watch those NEW – NCIS I watch with hubby the others on demand whenever I can get to them of course I got a real hook up on PBS and started watching a lot more of that then I ever thought I would they had a mystery series on that I really got into…  The thought of putting the exercise bike back into the living room has crossed my mind more than once…. we shall see –

Spring here at Last 2014

It looks like spring is here —– we have rains today and lots of grey skies — will be rainy tomorrow-  I did make it out to get Dakota walked today (amidst sprinkles) and a quick trip to the framers market — looking very much forward to the plants coming in for the season – as much as I like the snow and the winter temps I am looking forward to sweating a little — and yet i do tend to want to avoid it at the same time —   oh well —  noticed stuff coming back in from last year –  veggies 🙂     been working on getting fit still hitting the Y on a regular basis   – hoping to work it out so I can continue that —- I still like spin class need to get back to it <g>    been looking over my postings on other sights –  and getting ready to get a craft project or 2 started —    ahhh yes and then for the house :::::: get a room painted and a new bed up (really a bed that belong to my grandmother I am honored to have it among my possessions)- still have no Clear clue as to what color the room will be; had been saying a green —— Now that I am thinking on something a little more closer to the carpet color it may be a rose of some kind and a green of some sort as a border color —-

Spring is Coming

Well it is still winter — even though the temps have been above 60 the last couple of days and i discovered my bulbs are coming up  — There are still massive trees down in my yard and rain falling today – So nothing will get done — I did make it to the Y  yesterday and tried there Yoga class I did really well with it I didn’t fall – OR knock over any one  — i haven’t had a “class” in a long while (So yes that was a brief concern )  But i have done “some poses” every-once in a while just to stretch out but no REAL routine — in spite of the fact that I  have DvD’s Books and a tape series on it sigh and of course internet — <g>  which  I don’t have access to at the moment thanks to the major Ice storm on Thurs-  and drum roll DUKE POWER !!!!!!!!! Yes folks i had power internet all the modern and they came out on Sunday and CUT my CABLE for Tv/ Internet service—- hubby  heard them talking in the yard – the quote was “Is This Our Cable? the other guy said no – and He CUT IT ”  I am livid — Grrrr!!!!!! So I am in the Whole Foods & other deli type places doing my blog and my email ahh yes the bright side to this drudge — I am getting out to the YMCA more often they have cable 🙂 watch the news as I peddle away and do some weights catch a Yoga class – Also the Dog is getting more walks and longer trips 😉 she is happy – I am also getting to bed before midnight now  lol so this “inconvenience” is causing me to have healthier life style choices  which in the long run will be good for me —- Even though I am frustrated to have to miss Scandal and Elementary- and the Sunday Night PBS Schedule  (Master Piece Theater) and of Course ACC Mens Basketball Games – grrrrr – as long as it is back up before FIRST Pitch in April I will be fine we can deal lol or so i keep telling my self –