Snow Coming Or Just Another Tease by the Bread Company?

So they are teasing us AGAIN::: with that word of SNOW :::: Yes I typed it SNOW SNOW SNOW —- Wish We would get REAL snow not just this teaser STUFF :::  it is frustrating to me — Went to the store today for my normal shopping before 2P and the shelves were being restocked with bread Really Folks ?  – I don’t get it why does everyone panic like they do — I would understand if we lived in the mountains and had a chance of being without power and not getting out for several days at a time but that rarely happens here – sigh

I do have the needed stuff here “just in case” of bad weather be it winter or otherwise 🙂

You know essentials- a couple of good books I still have to crack the covers on – Lots of fresh tea waiting to be opened a box of classic movies on DVD that I actually haven’t seen yet – got a load of dishes done early so I can “play” got my blankets out on the sofa so I can build a fort of sorts  <chuckle> yes I meant to harken back to childhood with that one

Received New Gloves for the winter season haven’t been able to wear them cause hasn’t been cold enough yet –   I have a Labrador she is less than 2 and very active would love to get her out in real snow she seems to like the cooler temps 🙂     HA correction she THRIVES in cooler temps lol me? I like it in a few good measured doses – Not yet ready for Spring though it has it own set of  challenges for me –  Maybe after one real good snow or two ?


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