Well It Came & Went –

We got some snow last night – enough for the dog to notice – we had bigger flakes in November though nothing stuck then – go figure — they canceled school due to the cold temps for the morning = ) ok i get it having kids stand out doors in below 30 degree weather waiting on a school bus might not be such a keen idea – but any way having no kids I see no real change for me ::::  I made oatmeal this AM real oatmeal not the instant crap – dried fruit, cinnamon, REAL vanilla   fresh coffee watched the weather of the real snow this AM – 🙂 maybe my snowman will come later this time not even enough to get a snow ball out of it <sigh> Mean while too cold to really be out may venture out to get the feeder done up -Got soup doing a slow cook on the stove top for tonight Thank the goddess for left overs and planning ahead – Image


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