My thoughts for a friend –

Lost a dear friend last night — he was 60 – and one of the first friends i had in this neighborhood – someone who really cared –  He brought us a rosebush when we first moved in to welcome us to the neighborhood –  He offered to plow the garden and encouraged me as I figured out what worked best in the back yard; He loved my animals as I had them out and about – and laughed when they nearly knocked him off his rocker — 

He was lost to us too soon from cancer that evil disease that has no thought or care for whom it hits or harms or what haveck it reeks – it causes me anger — I have lost a few friends and a couple of family members from it you evil evil thing and I call to account the times we will never get to spend with those we really care for — you come in worst than a thief in the night sometimes moving quick too quick to do much about – and some times- sometimes slowly – moving like sludge or a very lazy slug across a stone in the wet of the night   you ANGER me — The amount of money and heart ache and loss of what we work so hard to gain and hold to our very souls you take I am so angry and I just want to yell and shout and throw stuff across the room — but your deaf to our pain and our out cries and you refuse to see our tears or know of who we are — But for those like me who have survived and beaten you — BEATEN YOU to a pulp – cut you from me heart and soul and moved on — I learned allot;  I know I need to review my notes from my last battle re-gird  my loins and get ready for battle again – As I grieve for yet another I KNOW I HAVE  WON — & In time we will ALL WIN against YOU — You evil cloaked silent unfeeling THING .


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