Ok Here We Go Again –

This Time I KNOW IT IS COMING!!!!!   (laughing hysterically like a crazed person from a bad late night movie)  I plugged in my snow man out side to help guide it to my yard directly – So no on else in my city  will be bothered with it — I want to walk my dog in REAL snow; I want it so big I can make snowballs and toss them at her feet —- I want enough to make a Big enough snow man that the sky lab can see it from space —– I did make my obligatory bread/ milk run (you have to; To be a real citizen in this area )  IF you don’t your looked at strange and they asked where bouts are you from ?   I also got a roaster chicken for tonight and tomorrow we are having soup at least that is the plan — I will get frozen veggies tomorrow to add to it I know I have beans in the cabinet I can add I may do that instead 🙂 The chilli I made a couple of weeks ago; That turned out real good nothing left to freeze – Some times a little bit of this and little of that work out to my advantage – Meanwhile dreams of snowflakes are dancing in my head Image


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