The week is over yeppie

IT has been a tough one very long  i have been 3 days ahead so for me today was sunday lol   I thought it was Wed on Monday  sigh—-    I was sore today from the Y  yesterday starting to get adjusted to the workouts and sleeping better because of them —-  have a class I am going to check out tomorrow (if i don’t forget it )   lol – Next real class is Tues – Superbowl is Sunday —   🙂     

I have on the weather right now — our temps for tomorrow will be above normal tomorrow — after being below normal for the last couple of days —–   up and down feels like a yo yo —- just like a yo yo —–   (Sorry Osmond Brothers song started up) ;p   yes I admit it I listened to the COOL groups lol  

Even though the kids I hung out with didn’t know that at the time lol sigh there loss 🙂  

My plans for tomorrow besides the Y ?   farmers market, read the paper, get wash done My  normal Saturday 🙂 think i am having leftovers tomorrow hopefully LOTS of fresh vegies


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