Watching the snow do a slow melt down –

Watched the snow do a slow melt on the front lawn — a very slow melt — The county finely set me free  the first sign of real life beyond me happened around 11 with the salt trucks arrival the  scraper showed up just before 2P  So I was able to get to the Y today  🙂  I worked on the big scary equipment  lol meaning I have to really work on them sigh – You know the big machines with the weights on them? – I know I have to get my strength up in my legs– came home tired and icky — BUT I was pleased with my self & with what I got done –  Been looking over there class offerings they offer HOT yoga —- hmmmmm thinking about it really thinking about it 🙂    I was told today if I can’t make it to the class to come to the y anytime and do what ever class I may want too or just work out or swim — I need to find my suit don’t know what I did with it —– But of course the ads have started for the new line maybe I will get a new one and just not worry about it 🙂    New goals, New Gym, New Year New Me :::: Why not a new suit?


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