accidential overdose my foot :::: suicide by drugs REALITY ( & yes i have been in a few rooms)

Just another ADDICT ::::: NOTHING ELSE MATTERED BUT THE NEXT HIGH – Suicide by a moment of pleasure — IF he had survived and gone to a “meeting” he would have been greeted with welcome back here is your START OVER CHIP :: and from that moment NOTHING ELSE would matter — the next day, the next week, the next month, 90 days, 6 months, YEAR so forth the amount of time he spent sober/ clean does not matter in the community or real life; Beyond a few encouraging words  Look you did it; You can do it that is the proof but beyond that it don’t matter — It is sad that our addictions can really do us in — and the sad truth is he chose that instead of his life ::: his successes ::: HE chose DEATH ::: Your either a recovering addict — or an ACTIVE addict — but in this case the moment you choose any drug or drink over ::: a job, family, real relationships; a home; a peaceful healthy living environment honest hard won successes::: your an addict — There are a lot of addictions in this world – and some of them can kill you/ or your relationships ( even addictions to food, drink, money, shopping even gambling (lottery tickets bought to the point of you can’t get food or gas or medicines pay bills) — If you choose to allow it to do so ::: my biggest question would have been you had great success why did you CHOOSE to go back to the life of an ACTIVE addict —- (some folks get sober / clean and decide they can handle it — and go back ) But reality it is like being allergic to peanuts, chocolate, IF you knew eating chocolate could put you in a comma ? Would you eat a 10 lb box of candy ? I mean really folks wake up — & Yes the flip side to my anguish is we have lost a great talent someone who can not be replaced ::: But folks he chose his exit :::So  Don’t sugar coat it to make yourself feel better — Or to try to make it easier —- Cause the truth is drugs/ addictions can kill— and very often Do —- You make the choices what is more important to you?   If you have a problem seek out help; If you are thinking of going back even for a moment call a sponsor, clergy, a help line because guess what- it isn’t worth it and you may not make it back out again ;    — Be the success story someone living may need; Not the warning from a grave for those looking for a way out; You are the only one who can choose to continue to make it —-


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