Long Over Due Appointment DONE

I made it to the dentist today — The appointment had been set and reset not by me mind you but thanks to the gods and lords of winter  — Sigh was not a nice time had a major panic attack complete with crying – sigh great way to meet the new guy at the office – This appointment I was warned about back in August and then kinda delayed going — Then bout a week ago when the  cold air really hit — my whole jaw line on one side hurt – lightly getting bumped by my beloved pup and kitty hurt; So I bit the bullet and went in — But somewhere in the process I forgot that I was going to have it pulled I thought it was just up for option didn’t remember being told it would be pulled DEFINITELY but maybe it is better that the little tidbit got forgotten by me – Cause I surely would have set at home and counted down each second and had a slow very painful emotionally berating meltdown —-  the upside is the McRibb I saw on the McDonald’s board I wisely past by i hate to think how bad I would have done if I had the large lunch I really was telling myself i wanted— After my ordeal I came home to pain killers water and applesauce <sigh> not exactly what I wanted I was told no extremes of cold or hot for 24 hrs passed on the news to hubby he said “your going to die” that means no coffee ;   <wonder how late he will stay out before dragging himself home  lol

Yeah and I will be a BITCH too dear one — Mama ain’t happy without her coffee; specially NOT in the A.M.  lol  But we have been married past 30 years he should already know that now right ?    


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