Well the snow is almost all gone —

Hard to believe it was less than 2 weeks ago that we had snow and weather guys saying watch out watch out lol IF you don’t like the weather wait 10 mins it will change –  It was in the 60’s again today — Good grief noticed today I have green buds fighting there way out on my rose bushes just outside my windows – So it happens again – the earth moves the sun rises and sets;  The moon drifts  through its phases and we have warm weather again —  sigh –   Is it too soon to start thinking of my garden ?   hmmm with it not even being march yet ?   I say yes —- but as  I look at my calendar and realize how close I am truly to Spring I wonder — Not being one who ever wanted to rush much of anything lol   I do have a tendency to go through seed a catalog’s and the flower books and magazines  and pick out allot more stuff than what I will ever have time to do or space to be really fees-able for me;  Granted I do have almost 3 acre’s total But do I really want to weed that much?  That is truly the biggest question —  and yes I will admit having gardens that would rival the Chinqua Penn Plantation  is a great dream but I alas don’t have enough knowledge or money or skill to do that much – sigh but what a dream – lol instead I have 2 flower beds, One with a bird feeder in it and flowers for humming birds and butterfly’s  — and a separate row that has bulbs in it out front that will have shade in the evenings  and a vegetable garden that by my own admission has done pretty well the last few years  with what has been chosen for it —-  Found out cantaloupe does real well in this awful clay soil –   lol and the Roma lettuce I started planting for my bearded dragon when you don’t watch it real  close takes off like a weed and will come up pretty much any where it pleases – Yes it does seem like I have so much to do – Even though I admittedly  have less to do this year than what I have had in some ways from years past –  I also know that I have some things I really need to get on a plate some how and get moving on just to help satisfy my own private goals and ambitions my private souls quest that no one but me knows of –  So as I gather my tools about me – and find the seeds I have been saving from the harvest of last year here we go again –  Looking forward to another bountiful harvest of many types for body mind and soul .


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