Yes I am up ::::

Ok i heard her (Dakota Moon) barking at the door wanting out – the “boys” next door have made for a less than restful night for both of us – so while she is out on the porch barking back I am having a required Pb&J after midnight snack –  in my house any time you get up to do the dog duty a pb&J is required before the march back to the bed to wait upon the dawn – even as the earth moves and the light is quickly coming back across our domain it still has the chill of winter around me – I can tell that the seasons are close to there swap in the evening it was still light at 6 p  the last couple of months it has been total dark by then – and of course the clocks will have to be changed sigh but for tonight that is not to be –  my dog is now back inside sleeping on the chair beside me the crew outdoors has quieted down maybe sleep will come for me as well; I can hope- off in the cold dark distance I hear an owl making his call – reminding me that even though the clocks in my home say AM it is still dark and very much his domain – So as I retreat to my  darkened room and the slumber i hope will arrive soon I think on the warm days to come and the things I will do to fill the added hours of day light as I rejoice in the knowledge that the electric lights won’t matter as much…..


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