Happy New Year January 2015

here we go again — going to try and keep up with this —- today is the 5th so my goal of getting my writing started before the first week was out is good — also made it out to get the dog walked Said the word Harness and she jumped up and headed for the kitchen she is a very smart dog; she has figured out that if she brings the shoe to us she goes out she also has learned where the biscuits are and goes into  where they are kept  nudges the container then barks to get it  love my Dakota Moon — As for me ? going back to the Y and going to join a poetry group yeah me  more on that  later –  Also got a new book for Yule – Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell  by Susanna Clarke  ******** The Winter Ghosts  by Kate Moss I know I know there will be a lot more before the year is out but for now those 2 – If I could figure out how to get away from the tv I could read a lot more –  I know I know turn off the cable and remove the batteries from the remote on the top of it all it does sound simple  but I keep telling myself there are only 3 shows I watch a week –  Downton Abbey, Scandal, How to Get Away With Murder – watch those NEW – NCIS I watch with hubby the others on demand whenever I can get to them of course I got a real hook up on PBS and started watching a lot more of that then I ever thought I would they had a mystery series on that I really got into…  The thought of putting the exercise bike back into the living room has crossed my mind more than once…. we shall see –


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