March Spring has come

been a long winter for me — i have been ill since the fall — Due to circumstances beyond my control I have been unable to get to the Docs ====  one was insurance — got that solved — then there was the weather—- got that solved just by the turning of the wheel  then i fell and hurt my wrist and was warped up for a  while then sore for a long while — still a little stingy with it when i move it just so so it still hurts – I have been reading allot did get the garden started so that is good — then had to cover EVERYTHING UP cause of a hard freeze last night — got my Y membership updated just need to get out there lol my daffodils are up the pollen is flying and my eyes burn and i feel tired all the time because of it – So glad i can see my allergist tomorrow yippee

Still in the planning stages of what to do in the garden — but i am still working on it  🙂 we are still early – so it is ok


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