March 28,2016

Winter is over and Spring is here for the year 2016, been  almost defeated by allergies and sinus infections, the past couple of months ,  We did not get enough cold temps or snow to help cur-tell the bugs and weeds that have stated up way too early – oh well ,  I have been busy reading books making stews bread, soups got real good at making Challah bread over the winter, got to be a staple on my table with the soups and roasted chicken on Friday nights – Never knew it was so simple wish I had known years ago my mother in law would have been so proud of me for it – I hope where ever she is she is smiling due to my efforts of cooking – 😉   The 4 footed beasty I lovingly call baby girl  (my Dakota moon ) has decided the the temps have warmed enough for her to be out more and liking it –  specially at night – compared to the 20s of the winter – Ahh  the spring, and summer what a glorious time,  It won’t be much longer it will be warm enough for me and clear enough pollen wise for me to be out and on my much loved deck, can’t wait to eat breakfast out there and enjoy the weekend paper – It will happen I know it.    Pitchers of water with lemon slices, and fresh orange floating in it, fresh ice – things I enjoy more walks, digging in dirt, planting pretties and food,   Yes these are things I enjoy.


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