July 25 2016

58 days till Autumn and the heat just won’t quit – the temps have been consistently over 90 for most of the summer getting so tired of it so ready for the cooler temps – planted a garden this year it was pretty much a bust from the get go — had to plant stuff late due to the cold weather , then planted less  then we got plenty of rain and too high temps and we had night time visitors that took most of it,  not a good year for me  I Can’t handle high temps I just can’t =—- so like I stated I have the count down for autumn going already – the season in spite of the heat has had some good things happen in it – there are 3 humming birds at my feeder now and I got 2 bird baths set up in the yard one in each yard –  so that is good  now if the birds would just get in it — lol – the dog was in the fenced in side yard watching me the whole time I was setting it up – then we came in – she laid out on the bed in the spare room and barked at the cherub shaking my head at her — so i took her out to where it was and walked her around it she ignored it — brought her back in and then in the dark of the night she growling again — sigh —  oh well — waiting for the temps to go down some so i can get the fire pit going again — maybe before august is completely gone we will get close to the 60’s at least get a break from the humid-ness I have a new bike i can’t ride it due to the weather — come on autumn I can’t wait .


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