Spring here at Last 2014

It looks like spring is here —– we have rains today and lots of grey skies — will be rainy tomorrow-  I did make it out to get Dakota walked today (amidst sprinkles) and a quick trip to the framers market — looking very much forward to the plants coming in for the season – as much as I like the snow and the winter temps I am looking forward to sweating a little — and yet i do tend to want to avoid it at the same time —   oh well —  noticed stuff coming back in from last year –  veggies 🙂     been working on getting fit still hitting the Y on a regular basis   – hoping to work it out so I can continue that —- I still like spin class need to get back to it <g>    been looking over my postings on other sights –  and getting ready to get a craft project or 2 started —    ahhh yes and then for the house :::::: get a room painted and a new bed up (really a bed that belong to my grandmother I am honored to have it among my possessions)- still have no Clear clue as to what color the room will be; had been saying a green —— Now that I am thinking on something a little more closer to the carpet color it may be a rose of some kind and a green of some sort as a border color —-