Spring is Coming

Well it is still winter — even though the temps have been above 60 the last couple of days and i discovered my bulbs are coming up  — There are still massive trees down in my yard and rain falling today – So nothing will get done — I did make it to the Y  yesterday and tried there Yoga class I did really well with it I didn’t fall – OR knock over any one  — i haven’t had a “class” in a long while (So yes that was a brief concern )  But i have done “some poses” every-once in a while just to stretch out but no REAL routine — in spite of the fact that I  have DvD’s Books and a tape series on it sigh and of course internet — <g>  which  I don’t have access to at the moment thanks to the major Ice storm on Thurs-  and drum roll DUKE POWER !!!!!!!!! Yes folks i had power internet all the modern and they came out on Sunday and CUT my CABLE for Tv/ Internet service—- hubby  heard them talking in the yard – the quote was “Is This Our Cable? the other guy said no – and He CUT IT ”  I am livid — Grrrr!!!!!! So I am in the Whole Foods & other deli type places doing my blog and my email ahh yes the bright side to this drudge — I am getting out to the YMCA more often they have cable 🙂 watch the news as I peddle away and do some weights catch a Yoga class – Also the Dog is getting more walks and longer trips 😉 she is happy – I am also getting to bed before midnight now  lol so this “inconvenience” is causing me to have healthier life style choices  which in the long run will be good for me —- Even though I am frustrated to have to miss Scandal and Elementary- and the Sunday Night PBS Schedule  (Master Piece Theater) and of Course ACC Mens Basketball Games – grrrrr – as long as it is back up before FIRST Pitch in April I will be fine we can deal lol or so i keep telling my self –